KNC leader asks for unity among Kurds

Kurdpress 27.6.2013 – The leader of Kurds National Council, the main body of Syria Kurds, said the Kurds in the country need unity more than any time. Speaking with Kurdpress news agency, Faisal Yusuf advised the Kurds to keep their unity and avoid from intra-Kurds’ war “which will severely jeopardize the future of the Kurds.”

“We should not forget our responsibility. I ask all my friends in Democratic Union Party (PYD) to stay determined to Erbil agreement and end disputes soon,” Yusuf Said about the recent clashes between PYD and the Kurdish forces of Mosleh Selahattin and the rebels of Free Syria Army (FSA). “The KNC has unfortunately lost its power and we are sorry about it but are not disappointed. I announce from nowhere that all parties should gather and reach a final agreement over Geneva II meeting,” he said about a recent al-Party leader Abdulhakim Bashar’s remark who said the National Council of Syria Kurds and not the KNC should attend in the upcoming Geneva meeting that aims to find a solution to Syria war. Yusuf further said wrong decisions will be made for Kurds if they do not take a united position in the face of the developments.