KJS: Violations against Kurdish journalists have increased

12.01.2014 – Mewan Dolamari – BasNews (ERBIL): – The 12th report of violations against journalists for the previous six month period will be released soon by the Kurdistan Journalist Syndicate (KJS). It is expected that the report will include the copyrights of Kurdish media outlets .

“Preparations have been conducted over the past six months for the KJS’s 12th report on violations against journalists and the report will soon be released,” said the head of  the Kurdistan Journalist Rights Committee, Hamid Badrkhan, to Kurdish media.

Badrkhan also pointed out that, “The number of cases of violations against journalists rights have increased over the last six months, especially in September due to Kurdistan’s Parliamentary Elections.” “The report will be different from previous ones in that it will include another type of violation against journalists –  the stealing of reports from Kurdish TV Channels,” Badrkhan added. Badrkhan noted that violations against journalists rights by TV channels are also included in the report. In the 11th report by the KJS, based on the first six months of 2013, there were 20 cases of violations against 30 journalists in the form of arrest, assault, threats and hindrance from performing their duties.