The arrest and detention by the French authorities of Adem Uzun, a leading member of the the Kurdish community and a human rights activists, is a violation of his fundamental human rights. These human rights are contained in the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. It includes the freedom of movement and the freedom of expression. We demand his immediate and unconditional release.

Adem Uzun who is an authority on the Kurdish issue in the Middle East and more particularly in Turkey, was on the way to brief certain French parliamentarians on the situation in Syria. The arrest of Adem Uzun can only be interpreted as political and the French government is seeking to appease the Turkish authorities. The Turkish authorities has in the past purveyed false information to certain European countries resulting in certain Kurdish activists being harassed, arrested and detained unlawfully.

The detention of Adem Uzun is not only sinister but also inopportune as he is actively involved in the campaign for renewed negotiations between the Turkish government and the Kurdish people. He was intimately involved in the Oslo peace initiative. Rather than place leaders such as Adem Uzun in detention, the French government should be supporting his effort to bring a resolution to the Kurdish question in Turkey.

Adem Uzun has been working closely with the Kurdish Human Rights Action Group to bring about the peaceful resolution of the Kurdish question in Turkey. The Kurdish Human Rights Action Group accordingly calls on the French government to immediately release Adem Uzun and request the Turkish government to resume negotiations with the Kurdish people for a speedy settlement of the Kurdish issue in Turkey.

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