Keine äußere Einmischung in Syrien / NO to Foreign Intervention in Syria – Ausser: Iran & Hezbollah

08. November 2013, von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken Ein Journalist der Time besuchte Hizbollah Kämpfer in Syrien und interviewte sie. Er bekam Antworten wie diese:

“If we don’t defend the Syrian regime, it would fall within two hours,” said Ali, a 27-year-old Lebanese fighter who has served with Hizballah for more than 10 years. He requested that only his first name be used. “Our leadership [in Lebanon] took the decision that it would not be acceptable for Syria to fall [to the Sunni-dominated rebels] because we would be encircled by enemies in Syria and Israel.”

Und weiter berichtet die Time:

And Hizballah is gearing up for Qalamoun with relish. Already the militia has released a slick propaganda video about its preparations for battle, set to a stirring martial beat and full of taunts against the rebels. “After Qusayr it will be Qalamoun,” goes one verse. “You collected the armies of the world and said we will occupy Syria … the heroes are coming and ISIS will be humiliated,” says another, referring to the al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

The Syrian army, says Hizballah field commander Abu Jihad, will assist with shelling and air strikes where appropriate, but there is no doubt who is in the lead. “Everything will be under our commandment. The Syrian army will operate according to our plans,” he says, going by his nom de guerre. If true, it represents a striking evolution that reveals the true disarray of Assad’s forces. A Syrian officer in the presidential guard, reached by phone and speaking on condition of anonymity, concurs.