KDP to Establish Council of Experts Decided at Party Convention

19/11/2012 RUDAW By NAWZAD MAHMOOD – SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region—During its 13th convention two years ago, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) decided to establish a council of experts. However, the council has not yet been implemented. Jaafar Ibrahim, the KDP spokesperson, said that the delay is due to technical problems.

Ibrahim acknowledged that the formation of the council is important. “This matter must be seriously addressed at the KDP’s leadership meeting,” he said. The KDP’s 13th convention was held in December 2010, and Massoud Barzani was re-elected as party leader and Nechirvan Barzani as his deputy. The convention also nominated 60 members for the KDP leadership. Two initiatives were approved, including the formation of a council of experts and leadership councils for the provinces of Sulaimani, Erbil and Duhok.

The Duhok leadership council has also not been established.

Salah Dalo, a member of KDP’s political bureau, maintained that the delay doesn’t mean that the KDP has reversed its decision regarding the council. “The council will include political experts and advisors in various fields who will be consulted for the party’s affairs,” Dalo said. “The important part is that there is no opposition in the party toward the formation of the council.” He added, “The KDP will seriously think about the formation of the council in the near future.” During the convention, Muhammad Qadir, a former member of the KDP political bureau, was discussed as a possible nominee for the head of the council.

“Qadir was one of the nominees,” Ibrahim told Rudaw. “Without a doubt, the council will be formed and a qualified person will be appointed to the post.” However, he added, “The KDP has a lot of work to do, so it cannot focus on this now.” I brahim discussed the task of the council. “The council will evaluate the role of KDP candidates in the government, parliament and diplomacy work.”

The Kurdistan Region’s political parties have been known to delay their conventions or ignore decisions approved at them. Both the PUK and KDP faced criticism after their last conventions for these very reasons. A KDP leader, who wished to remain anonymous, described the delay as a “lack of will toward implementing the convention’s decisions.” He said, “If the council of experts is formed and given power, it could solve the party’s problems, including the issue of its disconnect with people.”Ali Awni, a KDP senior official, maintained that lack of time is the main reason for the delay. “The KDP’s branches and offices are currently working toward forming the council. Since it was approved at the convention, the council will be formed.”

Awni said that the council will be made up of 100 people, including university professors, economists and various experts in other fields.

He added, “The nomination of members will not be based on their position in the KDP.” “The council will forward its seasonal report to the KDP’s leadership and the leadership will seriously consider their advice.” The KDP has leadership councils in the provinces of Sulaimani, Erbil and Kirkuk. Khasraw Goran, head of KDP’s election office, said, “So far, no steps have been taken to form the council of experts.” He added, “There is only a council to follow-up or monitor the issues.” Goran mentioned another task of the council will be to appoint appropriate people for posts. “We will greatly benefit from the council in terms of consulting for the party to move forward,” he added.