KDP ordered PÇDK closure

ANF – Zaxo 30.10.2013 – The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has closed the Zaxo office of the Kurdistan Democratic Solution Party (PÇDK) which has participated in the elections in Federal Kurdistan Region for the first time this year.

Police and public security officials closed the PÇDK Zaxo office and removed the party’s signboard on 28 October. Speaking about the closure of the party office in Zaxo, PÇDK Behdinan executive Derya Xelil Ehmed said that the party members inside the office were also harassed during the police raid. Ehmed remarked that police told party members to close the central office within the next 24 hours.

Ehmed condemned the closure, for which he held the KDP responsible, and underlined that the decision had no legitimacy on their side. Reactions are growing against Barzani-led KDP over such arbitrary practices. The ruling KDP has made no statement yet about the closure of the PÇDK which followed the PYD (Democratic Union Party) leader Saleh Muslim being denied permission to enter the Federal Kurdistan Region on 23 October. YNK, Goran (Change) Movement and the Yekgirtu parties have also reacted to the arbitrary prevention of Muslim from entering South Kurdistan.