KDP attempts to rehold Qamishlo conference

Erbil-  6.4.2013 – Kurd Press / MESOP – The co-ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has announced its opposition to a March 26 conference in Syria Kurdish city of Qamishlo and said it will re-hold the conference in Domez Camp in Dohuk Province of Kurdistan region.

The conference under the title of third Kurdish Youth National Conference was held in Remailn, a city in Qamishlo where Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and main opposition Change Movement attended the meeting but KDP and two other opposition parties boycotted the conference under the pretext of security problems.

KDP says the conference is not legitimate and it should be hold in Domez Camp.

Change Movement deputy in Younth Affairs, Delir Abdulkhaleq, said the Remailn conference is legitimate as the conference was decided last year to be held in Syria Kurdistan. Abdulkhaleq said only three to four parties boycotted the conference and their aim was to marginalize the voice of the Kurds. Meanwhile Turkey Pro-Kurdish Pence and Democracy Party (BDP) Youth and Student’s Chief, Mustafa Mamand, stressed on the legitimacy of the conference and denied the legitimacies of any conferences out of Syria Kurdistan.