KCK: Non-initiation of the negotiation process is unacceptable’



HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) delegation has issued a written statement regarding the most recent meeting with KCK executives in Kandil on 13-14 February.

Sunday, February 15, 2015 – Ankara – Anf – HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) delegation has issued a written statement regarding the most recent meeting with KCK executives in Kandil on 13-14 February.

HDP said the women members of the delegation held a meeting with the women’s organisation also, remarking that the main agenda of the meeting in Kandil was the steps needed to be taken as part of the resolution process, the internal security package submitted to the Parliament and most recent developments in the Middle East, Kobanê and Sinjar being in the first place.

According to the statement by HDP delegation, KCK executives stated that non-initiation of the negotiation process was unacceptable, fastening that the AKP government wasted time with efforts to create perception management among the public over expectations that do not correspond to the reality instead of working for the achievement of permanent peace under a concrete title of negotiations.

KCK executives – the statement said- pointed out that an agreement should have been reached until 15 February on the title of negotiations in the negotiation and resolution draft prepared by Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, noting that the AKP government’s attitude which intended to invalidate the resolution calendar was reacted against in Kandil. The HDP said it was discussed in detail that nonformation of negotiation mechanisms and nonperformance of works by an independent monitoring committee manifested the AKP government’s approach, sincerity and seriousness towards the process.According to the statement, KCK executives said they treated the resolution process over Mr. Öcalan’s perspective on the “democratization of the state and society”, remarking that all the practices of the AKP on the other hand contradicted the democratization of the state and society. “Citing the Internal Security Package recently submitted to the Parliament, KCK executives said that with this package the AKP intended to suppress all the public opposition. It was clearly expressed that this package would also jeopardise the negotiation process and mean further authoritarianism rather than democratization, and that it was not possible to accept this mindset”, HDP said.

The statement said that KCK executives also put emphasis on the importance of a joint reaction and unity of NGOs and the democratic circles in Turkey against this package that would eliminate democratization.

KCK executives -HDP said- also underlined that the AKP government should bring forward not internal security packages for authoritarianism but legal arrangements for democratization, and perform concrete works that interest the democratic future of all peoples instead of pursuing its own interests for elections. According to the statement, KCK executives stressed that the gains attained in Kobanê and Sinjar were for not only Kurds but also all the peoples of the region, underlining the importance of the peoples continuing the same awareness in the coming process.It was added that the KCK closely followed the regional developments that will determine the democratic future and peace of all peoples.