KCK: We will be supporting the struggle of democracy powers in Turkey

ANF – BEHDINAN 11.09.2013 – In a statement condemning the killing of 22 year old Ahmet Atakan by police in Hatay on Monday, Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Presidency said that they would be supporting the struggle of democracy powers in Turkey.

KCK strongly condemned the murder of Ahmet Atakan as a result of police violence and called on the Kurdish people to do their part for the achievement of democracy and a solution to the Kurdish question.

Remarking that the AKP government is supressing the meetings and demonstrations with police force not only in Kurdistan but also across Turkey, KCK underlined that each demo in the country ended up with the death of several demonstrators deliberately aimed at by police forces.KCK noted that the AKP government has created a police state by multiplying the number of police forces and providing them with new technical equipments.KCK condemned the excessive use of police force against ODTÜ (Middle East Technical University, METU) protests and the Tuzluçayır resistance against the assimilation policies targeting the Alewi community in the country.

“The AKP government is having a Gezi Park syndrome and is afraid that the government will fall as a result of a new Gezi Park resistance should it fail to suppress the demonstrations”, KCK underlined.

Reminding that the government has taken no steps within the last nine months of talks aimed at a democratic and peaceful solution to the Kurdish question, KCK pointed out that the government was afraid of the unity of Turkey’s democracy powers with the Kurdish struggle for a democratic solution, and that it was therefore trying to overcome this fear by making its police attack the people. KCK added that the government has resorted to increase its repression in order to ensure its hegemony instead of taking democratic steps and coming to an agreement with the society.

Noting that the withdrawal of Kurdish guerrillas from Turkey has been suspended because of the government’s hegemonic mindset, KCK underlined that; “Our movement will be making efforts to make the AKP government take steps by enhancing the democratic struggle. It will therefore be supporting the struggle of Turkey’s democracy powers in the face of the attacks targeting the opposition side. The democracy struggle of Turkey’s peoples and the Kurdish people will unite together and continue until the AKP government takes remarkable democratic steps and comes up with a solution to the Kurdish issue”. KCK ended its statement by calling on the Kurdish people to enhance the civil commotion in order to ensure the ending of attacks against their martyrs and the construction of dams aimed at cultural genocide, the release of KCK detainees and ill prisoners, the liberation of the Kurdish leader, the recognition of mother tongue education and autonomous governance and the ending of police attacks against the people.