KCK: Turkey behind the attacks on Serekaniye

ANF – BEHDINAN 18.07.2013 – Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Co-Presidency has released a statement to mark the anniversary of the Rojava Revolution which began after the Kurdish people seized the control of Kobani in western Kurdistan on 19 July 2012.

KCK said the Rojava revolution was the success of a century-year-old longing and 40-year-old struggle of the Kurdish people. KCK remarked that Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan had without a doubt made great efforts for the realization of the Rojava revolution by laying its foundations during the twenty years he spent there with the people.

KCK said the Rojava revolution has also proved the righteousness of Öcalan’s Democratic Modernity perspective and the third alternative line it has created. “The paradigm of ecological and democratic society, which is based on gender equality and aims to bring the society to power, not the state or the government, has been successfully put into practice in Rojava. The reason why this revolution can keep itself alive despite all attacks it has been facing, is the fact that it is based on the perspective of democratic society. People’s Defense Units, YPG, has been resisting against the attacks and repulsing them by taking its strength from the democratic confederal system which is grounded on democratic society. The Rojava revolution has proved once again the fact that the democratic society reality at the same time constitutes a strong defense power”.

KCK remarked that the revolution in Rojava has also created a democratic environment where all circles of the society, from children to elders, and all ethnic and belief groups do freely get organized. “This environment also brings with it a rapid change in mentalities, perspectives and manners of life. People take the breath of resistance against challenges and a free life”, it said.

Describing Kurds as the basic democratic power in Syria, KCK pointed out that the Rojava revolution is also paving the way for Syria’s democratization and liberation, as well as setting an example for the achievement of democratization in the Middle East region.KCK called on the democracy powers in Syria to support the Rojava revolution and to realize the foundation of democratic Syria and free Kurdistan. Remarking that all political powers should play their roles more effectively for the achievement of Syria’s democratization, KCK said the future of Rojava and the democracy powers in Syria depended on this togetherness.

KCK remarked that all Kurdistani powers should also take part in this democratic unity in order to be the fundamental power in Syria’s democratization in the current historic process. KCK called on all Kurds to work for the accomplishment of the Rojava revolution which -it said- was the achievement of not only Kurds and oppressed societies in Rojava but also of all parts of Kurdistan.

Noting that the democratic character of the Rojava revolution appalled the reactionary circles in Syria and the entire region, KCK said revolution enemies have been constantly attacking the Rojava region in order to cause the revolution to fail. KCK said; “The accomplishment of the Rojava revolution will leave no room for the survival of statist anti-democratic powers. The character of the Rojava revolution and the revolutionary democratic movements in the Arab territory will bring about a change in the social and political feature of the Middle East region. The reactionary mindset in both regions are coming closer and closer to an end now, also considering the presence and strength of the revolution led by the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) in the last forty years. In this respect, the Rojava revolution has exceeded the borders of Rojava Kurdistan and turned to a regional revolution”.Underlining that there are regional powers behind the attacks targeting the Rojava revolution, KCK said that the Syrian regime’s attacks on Rojava was related with two basic causes; the revolution’s character siding with Syria’s democratization and the provocation by regional powers allying with Syria.

KCK called attention to the recently increasing attacks against Rojava at the anniversary of the revolution and underlined that Turkey was directly behind the attacks against Serekaniye. This reality even reveals to what extend the regional reactionary powers against Kurds are appalled at the Rojava revolution, it underlined. KCK remarked that the people of Kurdistan will be standing by the Rojava revolution which -it added- took its strength from the people.KCK ended its statement by “once again declaring support to the revolution and people of Rojava and the decisions made by the autonomous government here”.