KCK: This is our last warning to the AKP government

ANF – BEHDINAN 19.07.2013 -In a written statement released today to inform the public about the resolution process, Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Co-Presidency stated that the AKP government was making an endeavour to sabotage the democratic solution process.

KCK strongly criticized Erdoğan’s government for not enabling the treatment of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan by an independent delegation of doctors in İmralı, not ensuring BDP delegation’s regular visits to Öcalan and making attempts to break the Rojava revolution in western Kurdistan.

Noting that the second phase of the democratic solution process was supposed to begin as of 1 June, KCK underlined that the AKP government has taken no concrete steps so far. The Kurdish movement warned the ruling AK Party for the last time that the government would be responsible for the deadlock the process will be facing unless concrete steps are taken as immediate as possible.

Reminding of the health problems Abdullah Öcalan voiced during the meeting with his brother two weeks ago, KCK pointed out that the government has neither made a statement on the issue nor answered the demands of NGOs and institutions in Kurdistan to enable the treatment of the Kurdish leader in İmralı prison.

“The government’s attitude towards Öcalan’s health problems has raised doubts over its sincerity about coming up with a peaceful solution to the Kurdish question”, it underlined.

KCK remarked that the government was also making an effort to break the peace environment in Rojava Kurdistan by supporting a number of armed gang groups, Cebhet- Ul Nusra in particular, with an aim to eliminate the gains of the Kurdish people in this region. “It has become highly questionable what steps the government will take to recognize the Kurdish people in northern Kurdistan while it fails to tolerate the achievements of the people of Rojava”, KCK said and urged the Turkish government to end its hostile attitude towards the national democratic rights of Rojava’s Kurds and to end its relationship with Al Qaeda affiliated armed groups.

KCK said that the Kurdish movement is now forced to review the process considering the fact that the BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) delegation still cannot pay regular visits to İmralı once in 15 days, and that the most recent letter of the KCK has not been delivered to the Kurdish leader yet. KCK underlined that they can not accept the government’s arbitrary deferment of the meetings with the Kurdish leader.

The Kurdish movement also criticized the government for the ongoing construction of military posts and dams as well as the ongoing activity of village guards and of reconnaissance airplanes in the territory of northern Kurdistan.

KCK noted that the government, regardless of these truths, continued to blame the Kurdish movement and to turn a blind eye to the government’s officials and the Turkish media’s statements aiming to sabotage the process.

KCK ended its statement by once again urging the government to fulfill its responsibilities for the second stage of the process and called on the Kurdish people and their friends to enhance civil commotions for the health, safety and freedom of the Kurdish leader.