KCK STATEMENT : We will increase our resistance

13 November 2012 – ANF – PM will be responsible for deaths in and outside prisons in this critical time, says KCK.Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) executive council presidency has released a statement on the ongoing  irreversible-indefinite hunger strike in Turkey prions and called on all parties and establishments in Kurdistan to enhance resistance and struggle.

KCK pointed out that “Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan has paved way to deaths in prisons by giving no answer to the constructive efforts given for the fulfillment of the fair demands highlighted by Kurdish political prisoners”. “Erdoğan himself will be responsible for deaths in and outside prisons in this critical time”, KCK underlined and added that “resistance is the only choice in the face of the fact that all constructive efforts have remained inconclusive due to the government’s attitude towards the Kurdish people and their demands”.

It was remarked in the statement that the ruling AKP government expected to obtain a result by using the despotic power of the government and disabling political ways and arresting thousands of people because of their thoughts and political activities.

KCK underlined that “Our movement has expected that the government should end the hunger strike by satisfying the fair demands of strikers but the critical process has been dragged into a deadlock as PM Erdoğan has voiced insults and provocations, making nothing of the peaceful efforts given by the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) and all other sensitive circles including intellectuals and democrats”. KCK ended its statement by calling on all democratic circles siding with the unity and integrity of Turkey to support Kurdish people’s resistance against fascism.