KCK: Roboski report is a cover up

ANF, Behdinan 9.03.2013 – In a written statement on the draft report by the Parliamentary Uludere Sub-Commission investigating Uludere Massacre, Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Presidency criticized the report for shedding no light on the perpetrators of the massacre.

KCK said the report was unacceptable for the Kurdish people and underlined that no report could cover up the brutal killing of 34 Kurdish civilians in the village of Roboski in Şırnak on 28 December 2011. KCK remarked that the report aimed to oversimplify the pains of the Kurdish people by concluding that the massacre happened without deliberate intent and as a result of lack of coordination between military officials and civilian authorities. KCK stated that the AKP government was politically responsible for the massacre which -it underlined- intended to intimidate the people of Kurdistan.

The report aims not only to cover up the massacre but also to justify the perpetrators of the crime against humanity, said KCK and evaluated the killings as a result of the exploitative legal system the Turkish state has practiced in the territory of Kurdistan. KCK added that none of the crimes against Kurds have been solved nor their perpetrators have been penalized up to the present.

KCK noted that the commission’s report reflected the Turkish state’s mentality, spirit and policy towards all inhuman practices against Kurds. “This report has once again killed Roboski victims”, it underlined.

KCK noted that the report casts doubts on Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s peaceful statements, adding; “By releasing this report which hides the perpetrators of the massacre, AKP has showed that it has no intention to face the crimes committed against Kurds and to give confidence about the recognition of the existence and freedom of the Kurdish people”.KCK remarked that the report could also sabotage the ongoing process of talks with jailed Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan.KCK said the people of Kurdistan should protest against the report and ended its statement by calling on the lawyers from Kurdistan, international legal circles and all humanist circles to display an attitude against the report and to initiate a new process to shed light on the massacre.