KCK: No talks in hand in the current situation

29.9.2012 – KCK responds to PM statements on Öcalan and new talks

Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Presidency has released a statement in response to Turkish authorities’ most recent statements on Kurdish Leader Abdullah Öcalan and new talks with the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) movement.

KCK evaluated recent statements of government authorities as a “new tactical move” and underlined that “Our movement is currently not having any talks or conducting negotiations with the Turkish state”. The purpose of the statements on the possibility of new talks is to lead to an expectation among the Kurdish people, not to find a solution to the problem, stated KCK and added that “The Turkish government should expect a response from Kurds after taking concrete and evident steps so that Mr. Öcalan can play his role in the process of dialogue and negotiation. Denying Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan’s statements which claimed that Kurdish guerrillas have been pushed into their “caves” by means of military operations in the Kurdish region, KCK said that, “The PM’s statements about the ongoing conflict and war environment in Kurdistan don’t reflect the truth as the guerrilla domination in the region continues to expand every day in the midst of intense aerial attacks of the Turkish army. Our movement’s new “area domination tactics” is being advanced in not only Şemdinli but also many other parts of the country.”