‘KCK’ main lawsuit lasting with ‘giving of evidence’

DIYARBAKIR (DIHA) – 21.1.2013 – The hearing of ‘KCK’ main lawsuit of 175 Kurdish politicians inluding BDP’s arrested parliamentarians, human rights activists, journalists and mayors, of them 108 arrested, began in Diyarbakir the 6th High Penalty Courthouse.

The hearing of the ‘KCK’ main lawsuit of 175 Kurdish politicians, of them 108 arrested among them DEP old Parlementarian Hatip Dicle, BDP Parlementarians Kemal Aktas and Selma Irmak, human rights activists, journalists, electeds, mayors, who have been sued by the court under ‘KCK’ operations, began in Diyarbakir the 6th High Penalty Courthouse. As usual, prior to the hearing, extraordinary measures were taken.

While 62 arrested didn’t participate into the hearing, 46 prisoners inluding BDP(Peace and Democracy Party)’s arrested Parliamentarians Kemal Aktaş, Selma Irmak and Batman Mayor Nejdet Atalay participated into the hearing and also a great number of the relatives of the prisoners joined in the hearing. The hearing began with the reading of Viranşehir former Mayor Emrullah Cin’s giving of evidence.