KCK hearing witnesses protest against 9 October conspiracy

ANF – AMED 10.10.2013 –  The 59th hearing of the KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Amed case has resumed at Diyarbakır 6th High Criminal Court on Thursday.

175 Kurdish politicians, 97 of whom are jailed, are tried in KCK Diyarbakır case, including deputies, mayors, human rights defenders and journalists.

23 jailed defendants, including BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) deputy Selma Irmak, as well as lawyers are attending the hearing which is also being monitored by families of the defendants. Before the beginning of the hearing which will witness giving of evidence against Selanik Öner, deputy mayor of Mardin’s Kızıltepe district, defendants have started to make a statement protesting the 9 October conspiracy which led Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan being forced to leave Syria in 1998.