KCK Confirms KDP & PKK Meetings

The KCK released a statement supporting KDP-PKK talks, and KNC-PYD talks to achieve Kurdish unity for ‘Rojava’ (Western Kurdistan – Kurdish areas of Syria). The KDP and PKK hold talks to achieve Kurdish unity in Syria. This could lead to holding a Kurdish national conference in Erbil, PKK-KDP cooperation against Jihadists, Kurdish nationalist unity in Syria and the implementation of the Erbil agreement and the Kurds being represented in Geneva II through the Supreme Kurdish Council. Other reports suggest there is a meeting planned between Salih Muslim (PYD-head) and Masoud Barzani (KRG-president in the future/coming days.

Diyarbakır BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) mayor Osman Baydemir and independent MP Leyla Zana have arrived in Hewler, the capital of the Federal Kurdistan region, to mediate between the KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) and PYD (Democratic Union Party).  Baydemir and Zana will make efforts to end the increasing tension between the PYD and KDP which began following the refusal of the Federal Kurdistan region to allow entry to PYD co-chair Salih Muslim, and to bring together Kurdish political circles.

Baydemir said in a statement he made at the BDP representative office in Hewler that; “We have come to make a modest contribution to the talks,” adding that he expected contacts would continue for several days.

Osman Baydemir said they would visit Federal Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani, and that their discussions in the region would last for a few days, adding that the purpose of their visit was to lend support to an alliance of the Kurdish people. Baydemir stressed that peace and freedom in the Middle East was dependent on the Kurds, adding: “Without the liberation of the Kurdish people there will be no peace in the Middle East. In order for the Kurdish people to be free there is an urgent need for an alliance. There may be different ideas and views but finding common ground is essential. We have come to make a modest contribution to this search for common ground.

Leyla Zana said she believed that there could be problems between Kurdish political currents, and that they could be resolved. She emphasised that all the parties wished to reach agreement within the framework of the Hewler agreement. Zana went on: “We are extending our hand to those who have denied the existence of the Kurds for a hundred, two hundred years. The greatest shame is for Kurds to turn their backs on each other. All the parties are prepared to come together within the framework of the Hewler agreement. As two representatives of the Kurdish people we wished to share this joy with them. I hope and believe that a meeting of all the parties will take place soon.”


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