Karayılan: We will never leave our country

01 January 2013 – ANF – In a new year’s massage released on Sterk TV, Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council President Murat Karayılan conveyed wishes of freedom, democracy and brotherhood of all peoples in Kurdistan and the Middle East.

Karayılan evaluated 2012 as a year of resistance and achievement by the Kurdish people whose struggle in both political and diplomatic areas inside and outside Kurdistan defeated AKP government’s policy aimed at eliminating Kurds, he underlined. Referring to the developments in West Kurdistan as of mid July, Karayılan commented the Kurdish revolution in this territory as a new page in the history of the Kurdish people.

KCK President pointed out that no power will be able to prevent Kurdish people’s fight for freedom or the reality of Kurdistan, noting that Kurds will take their place in the re-design process of the Middle East.

Evaluating recent developments in Turkey, Karayılan called on AKP government to end monist policies which – he said- meant Turkification of people under compulsion. “The AKP government must accept the fact that this policy will not work, just like it has failed for the last 90 years”, he added.

Responding to Turkish Prime Minister who has recently said that “PKK members can go to other countries after laying their arms down”, Karayılan evaluated Erdoğan’s statement as an attack against the Kurdish people and their values and added;

“Erdoğan must know that we are from Kurdistan, that we love this country and that we paid great prices for this country. In response to Erdoğan who offers two alternatives, either to become Turk and agree on a single nation or to leave the country, I say that it is him who must leave this territory which is Kurdistan and is our country. Everyone should know that guerrillas of the freedom movement and the resistance of the Kurdish people will remain alive as long as the armed repression and political slaughter of the Kurdish people continue.”

Referring to the recently increasing smear campaign of the Turkish media against the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party), KCK President remarked that “We will not pull back from our fight but we will side with a solution through dialogue and negotiation if authorities recognize the Kurdish people, see their reality and end policies of occupation”.