Karayılan: Time for the government to act

ANF – Behdinan 15.08.2013  – People’s Defence Center Commander Murat Karayılan said in an interview with ANF that Kurds will not accept the tactics of distraction used by the AKP government.

Karayılan underlined that if negotiations with Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan will not register any progress a dangerous period awaits the countri.The senior PKK leader also added that since the historic announcement made by Abdullah Öcalan on Newroz (21 March) and the following steps taken by the guerrilla movement and the Kurdish people, no step have been undertaken by the government except keeping military operations on hold. Karayılan went on remarking that the government needs to show it is genuine in its pursue of peace and in order to do so it needs to take some steps. The ongoing isolation of Kurdish leader Öcalan, said the senior PKK executive, also leads Kurds to mistrust the seriousness of the government towards the search for a just and lasting peace.