Above all French Businessmen to restore their relations with Iran

TEHRAN, 5.2.2014 – MESOP –  It is worth noting that this is the first huge delegation to visit Iran since the Islamic revolution and the sanctions imposed on Iran. Mehdi Mir Aboutalebi, Former Iranian ambassador to afp.  “A delegation of 107 businessmen in the fields of trade and business of the most famous firms in Europe has arrived Iran. The fields those firms are interested in include oil and gas, water and electricity, cars, cement, health, transportation, IT, banking, and tourism.”

 “The delegation is expected to stay for 3 days in Tehran and a joint France-Iran trade conference with participation of 400 businessmen has been decided to be held in Tehran during their stay,” Aboutalebi added. European trade companies and businessmen want to restore their businesses that had been going on before the Islamic revolution.  Iran`s open-up to the world community, especially in terms of business and trade, gives a lot of chances for the Europeans to renew their relations with Iran. –