Jarba: We Presented Our Terms for Going to Geneva… First of Which is No Dialogue with the Regime


The Syrian National Coalition President, Ahamd Aweinan Assi al Jarba, confirmed that “some tried to force the Coalition into attending ‘Geneva 2’ as the mandatory route for any international interaction with the Coalition as if the Geneva conference were the revolution’s entrance into the international community so that it may hear our voice and commit to our demands.

Because we recognize the seriousness of the situation and the sensitivity of the circumstance just as we recognize Assad’s lie, we decided not to reject Geneva 2 with simply rejection but instead accept it based on terms that ensure its success and prevent the regime from playing on the time factor.”

Jarba’s words were stated in a press conference in Istanbul this evening where he referred to a set of terms provided by the Coalition to the international community to the ensure the success of Geneva 2 by leading to the transition of power, holding criminals accountable, and securing necessary justice to ensure security and stability, and the terms are: assuring that there is no dialogue with a criminal regime because a national dialogue happens between nationalists seeking a future for their nation and not between revolutionaries and a traitorous murderous regime that has offered Syria only occupation by militias.” Jarba added, “We requested that before any negotiations a guarantee for oversight be given from Arab and Islamic nations, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Emirates, and Jordan, under the auspices of the Arab League.  We also reject Iran having any participatory role or to be a channel for any negotiations and in the case that it wanted this then it must pull out its Revolutionary Guard.” Jarba made clear that in the case that the international community was able to secure these terms the proposal (to participate in Geneva 2) would be presented to the institutional framework of the National Coalition to present the proposal to the Supreme Military Council and the Joint Chief of Staff to discuss the proposal with revolutionary factions and return to the General Assembly of the Syrian National Coalition with a decision for approval. (Source: Coalition)