Is the missing piece of this photo (*) Iran? [News Analysis]

“A high-ranking official, who requested anonymity, said: “There is an Alevi gang within the PKK. They are more hawkish. They may have other calculations concerning Iran and Syria.” When asked what their calculations could be, he said these two countries may try to sabotage the settlement process over the sectarian disagreements within the PKK.”

14 April 2013 /AHMET DÖNMEZ, ANKARA – While the settlement process with the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) continues with growing hope, there are some developments taking place that seem unrelated to each other but are actually related.

When you take a look at the puzzle that was created only over the past week, there are strange elements, such as an interview given by a PKK operative, Mustafa Karasu, to the Özgür Gündem daily on Wednesday, a photo from Kandil that was published by dailies on the same day, incidents that have been taking place at Dicle University since the beginning of the week and a serial penned by Kurdish deputy Aysel Tuğluk for the Radikal daily.