Iraqi Kurdish leader slams ‘lone wolf’ PYD

15 November 2013 / World Bulletin – Head of the autonomous Kurdish government in Iraq’s north, Masoud Barzani, has called on Syrian armed Kurdish group Democratic Union Party (PYD) to put a stop to its “unilateral policies” which he says benefit neither itself nor the Kurdish people in northern Syria. Barzani issued a written statement on Thursday critical of what he says PYD’s “fait accomplis” in claiming near-autonomy in the northern region and the group’s failure to abide by binding agreements previously agreed-upon among Kurds.

“PYD claims to have achieved revolution in Rojava (northern Syria). Against whom? All they did was claim ownership of territory handed to them by the (Syrian) regime,” Barzani said in his statement. PYD is alleged to be trying to carve out an autonomous Kurdish entity in Syria’s north.  –