Iraq: We are under the threat of Turkey / ABOUT HASANKEYF DAM AND ORTHERS

ARARAT NEWS – RONI ALASOR + LORIN SARKISIAN. – Speaking in the European Parliament, Sadiq Humadi Al-Rikabi, the speaker of the Iraqi parliamentarian delegation to the EU Parliament, said that his country is under the Turkish threat and he ask EU to stop the financial support to the Ankara to build more dams.

Brussels, 26 September, Ararat News Publishing (ANP) – Speaking in the European Parliament, Sadiq Humadi Al-Rikabi, Head of Iraqi Delegation to the EU Parliament and a close political figure to the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki, called on the European Union to stop financing the building of dams in Turkey. He said that 80 % of Iraqi water comes from Kurdistan Region in Turkey controlled by the Turkish state.

“We are under the Turkish threat, we ask to our EU friends, we urge you, please stop to finance the Turkey to build more dams”, said the Mailikis Head of delegation to the EU.

Al Qaida : Syria, Gulf states and Turkey

The eight members’ Iraqi delegation participated in the 4th Inter-parliamentary Meeting European Parliament-Iraq in Brussels. Mr. Al-Rikabi also brought the attention of the European Parliamentarians to the Syrian, Arabic Gulf states and Turkish support for Al Qaida and the involvement of these countries, in direct and indirect way, in the terrorist attacks in Iraq. He underlined that 80 % of the car bomb attacks by Al Qaida are connected with the Syrian regime. While the Gulf states are supporting the group, Al Qaida uses Turkey to bring recruited militants via Syria.

However, Al-Rikabi remained silent concerning the “Iranian involvement in Iraqi internal politics and the support of the Iranian regime for terrorist organisations in the Middle East”. The Iraqi parliamentarian asked for more support and cooperation with EU and the West, but he received negative comments from several Members of the European Parliament, who criticized the intensive ties between Iraq and Iran. Elmar Brok, Chair of EU Foreign Affairs Committee (PPE) and Ana Gomes from the Socialist Group underlined the unacceptable Iranian nuclear programme, involvement of Iraqi internal affairs and the dangerous support of Teheran for Hezbollah and other “terrorist groups” in the region.

Elmar Brok, Chair of EU Foreign Affairs Committee, pointed out that Turkey’s support to the Islamic groups in Syria brings fear among the religious and ethnical minorities. 

MEP Mario Mauro, the Rapporteur for Partnership and Cooperation Agreement EU-Iraq, called the Maliki government to respect all agreements which Iraq signed with EU. The agreement between EU and Iraq provides for “cooperation in combating terrorism, countering proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and promoting human rights”.

But Mauro’s “open EU policy” has been criticized by Iraqi minorities. They called it as a “make up” to hide EU real oil-trade policy with Maliki’s government which is cooperating closely with the Iranian Molla regime.

“EU don’t  have a clear agreement and cooperation with Iraq regarding the ethnical and religious minorities, this is also including Iraq’s second biggest nation Kurds”, said a Iraqi Christian represent.