Iranian press about Turkey and Kurds (from BBC monitoring): MARDOM SALARI

1. Commentary by Naqibzadeh: “The goal is to weaken Iran.” About the crisis in Syria Naqibzadeh says: “At the moment it has become clear that the regime of Bashar al-Asad does not have that solidity that was previously imagined that it has. Therefore, the fall of Bashar al-Asad would speed up the events and prepare the Westfor the implementation of ‘Greater Middle East’ [project].”

He goes on to say that Russia’s moves “merely prolong the path and increase the number of the dead,” and that “the West and its regional pieces, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey, have turned the formation of forces to the benefit of the West and at the end of the tumult there is no doubt about what situation would come about.” He goes on to say that after the ending of hostilities, “Syria will not be divided, unless a Kurdish government is formed,” and ends by saying: “All these plans are for to weaken Iran, which is the final goal of the Greater Middle East project. The fall of Bashar would provide for the security of Israel, even if extremist groups would for a few days hold sway. The next goal, following the fall of Bashar al-Asad is Hizballah, and after that there is enough time for decision on Iran.”

2. Commentary by Mohammadreza Noruzpur: “Turkey Is worried about the return of the boomerang.” Noruzpur says that the visit by Turkey’s Foreign Minister Davutoglu to the Kurdish region in Iraq last week shows that “Turkey is concerned and worried about the return of the boomerang of Syria’s crisis in its direction.” He says that Turkey is concerned about “the complete defeat of the mission of [Iraqi Kurdistan’s President Mas’ud] Barzani,” lessen the impact of Kurds that are fighting on the side of Syria’s government, because of the benefits the Al-Asad government has given them. Furthermore, Noruzpur says that Davutoglu had wanted to know why Barzani has not increased its dealings with a Syrian congress founded in Istanbul, why has Barzani “not neutralized” the PKK, which is antagonizing Turkey’s central government, and why has he not speeded up the arming of Kurds that are against Syria’s government. Finally, Noruzpur says that Davutoglu has visited Barzani to secure oil and gas as the winter is approaching.