Iranian Kurdistan: CNFI Concludes Conference in London / Support of Kurds & others für Syrian Uprising / PJAK Did not attend

MESOP / Ahwaz News Agency

The Eighth Congress of Nationalities for Federal Iran concluded on Sunday after two days of continuous debate. The representatives of several non-Persian nations participated in the conference in London, UK. The Participants discussed the activities of several committees including Financial, International and Executive committees. Each Committee chair presented a summary of last year’s achievements.

The Conference discussed several Iranian issues including the inhumane practices by the Iranian government against non-Persian nations such as executions and prosecutions. The participants have also expressed their support for the Syrian uprising against the Iranian-supported Assad regime. Iranian interference in the region was condemned. The conference also voiced its opposition to the Iranian nuclear programme and called for its discontinuation due to its threat to security and peace in the region.

Additionally, the conference participants emphasised the importance of boycotting the Iranian Presidential election describing it unfair and illegitimate, where several non-Persian nations are denied their voice. The participants also expressed their continuous support to all Arabic uprisings in recent years. Congress of Nationalities for Federal Iran founded in London in 2005 during a meeting among seven political parties that represent different non-Persian nations in Iran. Now there are 16 political parties participating in this conference including the Iranian Democratic Kurdish Party, the Ahwazi Solidarity Party and the Komaleh Kurdish Party. There were other non-Persian political organizations represented included Turks, Azeri and Baluch.