Iranian Border Guards arrested 78 Kurds

NEWSDESK, 28.10.2012 –  The head deputy of Iranian Border Guards announced the arrest of dozens of people on the border calling them as the borders’ transgressors. Colonel Ahmad Nikukhah told ISNA news outlet that the Border Guards of Taybad, Xoy, Urmiye and Meriwan arrested 63 people who intended to inter Iran calling them borders’ transgressors.

Colonel Nikukhah also announced the arrest of 15 more people on the borders to Meriwan city in East Kurdistan calling them illegal passengers who should be brought to justice. Since Lausanne Treaty of 1923 Kurdistan has been divided between Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. To monitor the pseudo-borders dividing Kurdistan, which have never been recognised by the Kurds, special measures have been taken by these colonialist regimes. Hundreds of Kurds whose families cut-across these borders have been arrested or shot by the Border Guards for their alleged illegitimate passing of the borders.