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On the Ground Activities in West Kurdistan – November 2012

Martyrdom Of One of YPG Member and 25 people were killed in the ranks of armed groups

Sere-Kanieh  – The commander of ‘’ Martyr Abed’’ brigade said that their units had inflicted armed groups mercenaries heavy losses in lives and equipment, assuring that their units has killed 25 militants of the mercenary groups, and wounded more than 20 of them, in addition to the destruction of 4 vehicles belonging to them.

He noted that one of our members died and another injured. He said: these groups entered Turkish territory twice. Adding that the clashes occurred in Alhawwarna neighbourhood and in the city centre.

 ‘’Martyr Abed’’ brigade commander noted that the Turkish army was helping mercenaries groups through using mortars and artillery in order to optimize the mercenaries armed groups.

He also added that: due to our fighters resistance, we have forced those armed groups to withdraw from the area and fleeing to the borders into northern Kurdistan, where they tried to circumvent via cross-border again, but they were blocked by our fighters again, one of them was killed and another got wounded.

Turkish shell fall near the Black River in Efrin

Efrin – Turkey’s military launched on Thursday a mortar shell, it fall down near the Black Rive – Efrin, it did not result any casualties.

Moreover, several local councils of Kurdish cities started collecting donations for Sere-Kanieh people who displaced from their city in order to insure their comeback to their home.


PYD:  Sere-Kanieh is a witness on a heroic resistance and revealed a lot of parties

The Executive Committee in the Democratic Union Party issued a statement to the public and all media, the statement indicated that capital of Mitanian (Sere-Kanieh) is experiencing articulated stage which sets the region features and the Kurdish presence now and in the future, what is happening in Sere-Kanieh is a new Ottoman colonialism under the cover of the Free Army and Takfiri groups, assuring that Sere-Kanieh today is a testament on the heroic resistance expressing how much our people approach is interlocked to the philosophy of freedom?, the statement is calling  Kurdish people who were deceived by those armed groups to stand up and be honest with themselves and not to be drawn behind the false mercenaries claim who are trading with the blood and honour of the Kurds in western Kurdistan. And to work together to thwart the Ottoman plan in Sere-Kanieh and to convert it to a graveyard for traitors and a castle of steadfastness and resistance.

YPG: We gave 48-hour for armed groups to implement our conditions

SereKaniyh – General Command of  people protection units (YPG) issued a statement to the public and all media ,it is confirming that after three days of resistance by ‘’Martyr Abid’’ brigade and the painful blows which received by armed groups, they have accepted the conditions of the YPG and to implemented them within two days. And confirmed that their units are on standby /readiness in 48 hours to follow any development or breach of the cease-fire by those groups. Calling on all Arab tribes and area components for vigilance and caution of the tribulations that the Turkish government is trying to plant it among the same region sons. And that their units (YPG) is a power to protect all social components regardless of national affiliation or religious or sectarian.

The statement stressed that “armed groups of mercenaries working for the implementation of regional countries agendas and plans, especially Turkey, which seeks to empty the Kurdish cities of the population and displace some camps which have been prepared in advance by the Turkish government. They were looting, burning houses and doing intimidation for unarmed civilians in order to displace them out of the city and  deterring Sere-Kanieh people for singling out and control of the city and make it a base for the invasion of the Kurdish area in general and undermine the gains of the democracy and national values of the Kurdish people. “


The statement noted that “these armed groups tried to impose their views on the people and refused to form any council representing the people of the region, they have assassinated the head of popular council in Sere-Kanieh (Martyr Abed Khalil). Due to all of that, YPG wanted to do their duty to defend the city and its people without discrimination between any component of the city, and continued to resist over the past few days and so we have lost the six martyrs, and incurred armed groups heavy losses in lives and equipment, forcing it to search for a cease-fire and contact with a third party. Accordingly, some parties and dignitaries intervened by contacting YPG to stop these clashes and to announce a truce, during this truce, these armed groups should leave the city within 48 hours and evacuate all the sites where were seized in the city with leaving military equipment, and also we will share to form a popular council for Sere-Kanieh which includes all spectrums of the city Chechen, Arabs, Christians and Armenians.”

Eldar Khalil: It could not be TWO military forces in western Kurdistan

Hawler –  Eldar Khalil member of the Supreme Kurdish Council said in an interview  with the Firat news agency that two military forces cannot exist in western Kurdistan, adding to that “there must be a single/united military power to protect the Kurdish people, so it must form a unified military committee, to organize military units “.

Meeting between YPG and a delegation of armed groups

Serkanieh – after receiving a cease-fire request from armed groups and accept the terms of the withdrawal from the city and formation of a board includes all components of the city, YPG and armed group delegation held a meeting today 10.00 am today, where it is scheduled to sign an agreement on Sunday includes that these armed groups to go out of the city.

According to the information we received, the leadership of YPG insisted on conditions of: “these armed groups to leave the city within 48 hours and to evacuate all sites where were seized in the city and leave the military equipment behind, and to form a council for Sere-Kanieh which includes all spectrums of the city Chechen, Arabs, Christians and Armenians. “

It was discussed in the meeting how/why this issue took place between both sides, how to exchange prisoners between both sides, sources reported inside the meeting that the meetings were positive and it is expected that the agreement will be signed between the parties to exchange the prisoners after the acceptance of the conditions which set by people protection unit YPG.

On the other hand, some sources told Firat news agency that armed men from Alzawya Mountain (Idleb) and a Al-tawhid brigade have been involved in the fighting since the second day of the clashes, which caused the clashes to last longer, according to the same sources, the “Jabhat Alnasra” , “Guraba Al-sham” armed groups and “Mashaal Tammo” brigade had asked the cease-fire, but Altawhid brigade intervention with the support of the Turkish government postponed the cease-fire.

Turkish state closes its crossing border gate to prevent armed groups to returning back

Serekanieh – According to some sources for Firat news agency, a delegation from the Turkish intelligence posing as journalists met today with leaders of the armed groups where they asked them to violate the truce and continue fighting, and they will supply them by all military and logistical support.

According to the same source that those groups did not accept the terms of the Turkish state so far, due to that, Turkish government closed the border crossing points against armed groups to prevent them from returning, as the Turkish government has threatened those armed groups in the event of its failure to implement the demands of the Turkish state.

Sources to Firat news agency – Armed groups are still elusiving in its acceptance of people protection units conditions under the pretext of lost weapons, and no prisoners exchange between the two sides so far.

Solidarity with Sere-Kanyih disapproval of Salafist /Takfiri groups

Almost Kurdish cites in Syria (Jinderes, Terbaspi, Alhasaka, Efrin, Qamishlo Derik etc …) are demonstrating to condemn the attack by mercenaries armed groups who are supported by Turkish army tankers against Sere-Kanieh and they are reviving and supporting the great resistance of YPG forces against these groups in order to stop them to disturb our peaceful civil revolution in our Kurdish area.

Education/Learning Status in Kurdish Area:

152 teachers are getting their Kurdish language teaching certificate in Qamishlo in cooperation of SZK organization.

300 Kurdish language graduates in Efrin and the preparation still going on to a teaching corporation of the Kurdish language (reading, writing and speaking) .

All above teachers are capable to teach Kurdish language in the official schools.

 YPG restores electricity and water to Sere-Kanieh

Sere-Kanieh – After targeting the power and water plant by the armed groups, YPG brought some experts to reform water and electricity stations.

And ANF correspondent reported that Serekanieh people started coming back to their home.

People House in Gerke-lage is receiving displaced families from Homs

Gerke-lage – because of security situation deteriorating in Homs province, several of displaced families from Homs came to Gerke-Lage town in western Kurdistan, after they have lost all their properties in Homs and stayed without a place to pass the nights, they went to people house where insured for them a place in school where some displaced families from Deir-elzor were already there.

The place was equipped by the necessary requirement such as power supply, water blankets, etc… Everybody from neighbourhood presented some essential aid as per their capabilities.


YPG announces the formation of “Martyr Lawand ” Brigade in Rumelan and Martyr Bawar Brigade in Derka Hamko

General Command of YPG in a announced in a statement to the public on Sunday the formation of Martyr Lawand Brigade in Rumelan and “Martyr Bawar” Brigade in Derka Hamko.

‘’ We are greeting our people the formation of both brigades in order to elibrate these regions from Al-bathiest regime and protect it from external attacks and it will take the responsibilities in the region of Derik and border region, so by this formation the number of our brigades will reach to six : Efrin, Qamishlo, Derik, Serekanieh, and Kobani regions.

Consultancy meeting between TEV-DEM and relations committee in Arabic corporation in Aljazira region.

Qamishlo- consultation meeting was held yesterday evening in Qamishlo city between Relations Committee in democratic society movement and a delegation from Arabic corporation in Aljazira region, at the meeting focused on the following points:

Emphasis on the peaceful revolution, and not to allow foreign troops to enter the area.

Renounce sectarian violence and work to build security councils and committees to maintain the security of the region and take the style of dialogue to solve all the problems.

In Qamishlo, Alhassake, Efrin and Kobani, thousands of women demonstrating in the International Day Violence Elimination against Women

Thousands of women in mentioned cities participated in demonstrations which organized by Star Organisation under the slogan “together for the elimination of all forms of violence and discrimination against women” to denounce all forms of political, economic and social violence against women, in addition to the participation legions of Kurdish women the demonstration recognized by participation of all institutions dealing with women in these cities.

Sipan Hamou: We would adhere to the supreme Kurdish Council decisions, if it confessed to us as a legitimate force to protect the people

In a telephone call with his Kurdish satellite channel ‘’Ronahi ‘’, Sipan Hamou, member of the General Leadership of YPG commented on the statement issued by the General Command of YPG regarding recent discussions that took place in Hawler between members of the supreme Kurdish Council about the establishment of a joint military force in western Kurdistan.


Where  Hamou confirmed that YPG will adhere to the decisions the Supreme Kurdish council as they see it as the legitimate representative of Kurdish people in western Kurdistan, if the council recognized them as a legitimate force to protect Kurdish people, noting that they would not abide to its decisions in the absence of the mentioned recognition, and that they will not accept any other military force outside their units and their units door is open in front of all the components of the region to belong to them who have the national sense.

He assured that to build up a military army, you need bases and system to run this force toward the right direction, indicating that there is no military force in western Kurdistan having this characteristics, confirming at the same time that their forces (YPG) were built on bases and rules, and it is existed from Efrin region along till Derik region and it exceed thousands of fighters.

YPG is a force to protect all region components Arabs, Christians and all other components in the region. And that they are ready to defend for the area until the last drop of their blood.