I will not meet Kurds if they don’t support “revolution”, SNC leader says

Istanbul- Sabah – – The leader of Syrian National council (SNC) Muaz Khatib said he would not meet the Kurdish lines of the country if they do not support what he called the Syrian people’s revolution.

Talking to Turkish daily of Sabah on Monday, khatib said: “I would meet them if they back our revolution, but I would not have any meetings with them if we make sure they are against our revolution.”

People would decide about the way Syria would be governed, Khatib said, answering a question about the Kurds’ future in the country. “Our end is a one Syria, one nation and one land and all should respect the stance,” SNC leader said in Istanbul, home to rebels since the ignition of the violence in Syria. He further denied reports over receiving arms and ammunition from Turkey and added providing people’s needs is his main priority in visiting the country. Khatib further said Syrian exile government would soon announce its existence.