HRW to investigates Amuda killing & underage fighters of PYD

15.02.2014 – BasNews, Syria – Human Rights Watch has travelled to Amuda to investigate the killing of six protesters by the Democratic Union of Kurdistan’s (PYD) military wing, People’s Protection Unit (YPG) in June 2013.

The delegation entered Syria through the Semalka Entry Border. Abdul-rahman Tkhubi, an activist from Amuda, told BasNews that HRW have spoken to witnesses and seen photos and videos of the incident. “The HRW delegation has met with PYD leaders in Amuda, who say that their office was attacked,” Tkhubi said. HRW also visited Kurdish-run prisons to discuss the use of underage fighters in the YPG. The UN recently released a report claiming that these teenagers are often deceived into joining the military group. According to a source, members of HRW held private discussions with a number of underage fighters.