BARZANI : “IF WE ARE NOT REAL PARTNERS” / Crisis in Iraq at all levels

Ninanews / shafaq.com  – South Kurdistan – 14.3.2013 :  The president of semi-autonomous Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani emphasized the sovereignty of Kurdistan during a speech he paid at the opening ceremonies of an event regarding the recognition of genocide committed against Kurds. Barzani confirmed that Iraq today is in a crisis at all levels, and the crisis is not only between the province and the federal government, but includes all of Iraq.

He said in his speech in the International Conference on the definition of genocide of the Kurds, held Thursday in Erbil, in twenty-fifth anniversary of the bombing of Halabja: “The Kurds have had big role in the establishment of Iraq,” referring to Kurds’ participation with all communities to prepare the constitution, voted by the Iraqis, despite its shortcomings. “The Kurdish people will not accept the tutelage of anyone”, Barzani said. He stressed that the cause of the political crises that took place is not to abide by the constitution, noting that the solution to this crisis is the implementation of the Erbil Agreement 2010, which he described as “a road map to end the crisis.”  Barzani asked: “Are we partners and allies or not, if we are partners, why we are not real partners,” he continued: “We do not want just words but actions and work, and if we’re not partners, we will take the way that we see fit.”

Barzani said: “We, as Kurds, prefer to go to the Constitution and deal with each other in a democratic Iraq in order to work together to end the crises and difficulties.” “Kurdish people reject the principles of hatred and revenge and (they) love tolerance”, said Barazani in a reference to the support of Kurdish people to the issue of promotion of the autonomy of Kurdistan