HAJI AHMADI : Iranian Kurdish Leader: We Are Stronger, While Tehran Regime in Collapsing

31/01/2013 RUDAW –  By WLADIMIR van WILGENBURG – ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Iranian Kurdish rebel group Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK) says that it is much stronger since a 2011 ceasefire with the government, while the Tehran regime is collapsing under international sanctions.

We fight for a peaceful solution of the Kurdish question. We have shown our power. The Iranian government cannot destroy us, and we can also not destroy the Iranian army,” said PJAK leader Haji Ahmadi.

He said that the Iranians continue to arrest or execute Kurds because they are afraid of the different ethnic groups in Iran. In the beginning, only the Kurds in Iran wanted their rights, but now all the people in Iran want their rights,” he added.

Ahmadi said that international sanctions are biting hard on Iran’s rulers.  “There is nothing that can stop the destruction of the Iranian regime, either economically, politically, or internationally,” he added.

We hear Iranian politicians say that the embargo can’t stop Iran. But now they are ready for many compromises. Their only wish is that the embargo is ended. The international community knows this,” according to Ahmadi. He questioned the cooperation between rival Kurdish parties from Iran who are based in Iraqi Kurdistan.   “What can these banned parties achieve when they are not inside the country? It’s like, if three Kurdish parties in Europe unite. What can they accomplish”.

The PJAK-leader said he believed that, currently the Europeans and Americans do not want any change in Iran because they are preoccupied with the uprising in Syria against President Bashar al-Assad. “When Assad is defeated, it’s the turn of Iran. Therefore, Iran supports Bashar al-Assad with everything,” he said. Commenting on the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, Ahmadi said, “I don’t think the Muslim Brotherhood would be better for Kurds than Assad. I think they would be even more dangerous.” Kurds want a democratic Syria and equal rights in all the countries (where they live),” he said. He told Rudaw that if Assad falls, the Iranian government will fall too. About the assassination of three female members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in Paris earlier this month, Ahmadi speculated that Turkish ultranationalists most likely played a role in the killings.