GUE/NGL condemns assassination of three Kurdish activists in Paris


“I have no words to express the horror and sadness I feel about this crime. Rojbin Fidan Dogan was the first person to tell me about the Kurdish question. She was so full of life. I will never forget her smile. All my solidarity and sympathy goes out to the families of the victims,” said Marie-Christine Vergiat, GUE/NGL MEP (Front de Gauche).

“The Kurds are still paying a heavy price for their commitment to peace, but no form of provocation or assassination should be allowed to challenge the new negotiations between the Turkish government and Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan,” Ms Vergiat continued.

“Assassinations of this kind on French Republic territory are intolerable. The French authorities should make every effort to find those who are guilty and condemn them.”

“The three Kurdish activists murdered in Paris have worked for a long time with our European parliamentary group and we can bear witness to their firm and determined commitment to peace,” said German GUE/NGL MEP Jürgen Klute, who is also the Group’s coordinator of the European Parliament’s Kurdish Friendship Group. “We offer our condolences to the families of the victims, but also to the Kurdish people as a whole, as well as their leaders.”

“I ask the French authorities to shed light on this execution. They should also do everything in their power to protect Kurdish activists and put a stop to generally considering Kurds as terrorists, and once and for all recognise that the Kurdish community has worked tirelessly for peace. This murder probably has its political roots in those Turkish circles that are boycotting the current peace talks.”

A GUE/NGL delegation, comprising several MEPs, including French MEPs, will take part in the public demonstration organised by Kurdish organisations in Paris, planned for Saturday 12 January at 12 noon, Place de la Bastille, to protest against the assassination of the three activists.

European United Left / Nordic Green Left – European Parliamentary Group