Gulen laments century-long violence against Kurds

31.7.2013 – Kurdpress – “If you (Turkey governments) killed a man from a family, you turned his wife, children, uncles, brother and all his relatives to Turkey’s sworn enemies,” Turkish political and religious activist Fethullah Gulen lamented Turkey Republic moves against the country’s Kurds.

The attempts were wrong and non-human which deteriorated the situation. – Gulen lamented his country’s violent behavior against Kurds and Alawites in the last century, Milliyet daily said.“If the Kurds and Alawites were respected and received deserved behavior, we did not confront today problems,” Gulen, who is residing in the US, said, adding that the Alawites’ problems were solvable in religions and educational centers and Turkey should have had humanitarian approach towards the Kurds.

“Sheikh Badiulzaman Nurasi’s request to found a university in Van was refuted (during Ottoman Empire), If teaching Kurdish language had began in the university, the Kurds would have not directed towards nationalistic attempts and Turkey would have not confronted today problems, ” he added. “No violence should have been conducted against Kurds.” Sheikh Saeed Kurdi’s (Bediuzzaman Saeed Nursi) demand for opening a scientific-religions center was denied during Ottoman Empire and spent the last years of his life in prison and exile. Turkey ruling government and its official fully respect Bediuzzaman and call him the greatest religious master of Turkey’s 20th century.