Governorate games in Iraq

Interesting development which could also include Nineve areas claimed by Assyrian nationalists

5.2.2014 – Last week the Shiite Muslim-led government announced plans to add four new provinces to the 18 Iraq already has. These were met with widespread criticism. And this week, Sunni Muslim politicians have responded by calling for a handful of new provinces themselves. – Niqash – new iraqi political football: redrawing provincial borders reaches fever pitch

Reidar Visser: The recent announcement by the Iraqi cabinet that a number of existing district (qada) administrative units will be upgraded to governorate status (muhafaza) has prompted intense discussions across Iraq. As of today, beyond what the cabinet has announced, around 17 additional districts have in various ways been promoted as candidates for governorate status. .

See Gulfanalysis – Everyone Wants to Be a Governorate: 17 Iraqi Districts Demand Status Upgrade

Maliki : Converting districts to provinces is legal and constitutional

Assyrian Universal Alliance : A Nineveh Plain Province for Christians of Iraq

Nineveh Governor Casts Doubts on Baghdad’s Reasons for New Provinces

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