Geneva 2 : Monther Makhoos to Brahimi: it is not possible to put the regime & the people on the same level

MESOP 1.10.2013 – Dr. Monther Makhoos member of the political committee of the Syrian National Coalition, said: “Brahimi, who is a representative of the Secretary-General in charge of arranging Geneva 2, is attempting through his remarks to be neutral and to put himself at the same distance from all parties in Syria. But in every political or humanitarian process there are those on the side of justice and others on the side of injustice and there is no way we can put both parties on the same level.

There is a practicing a systematic killing of its citizens, and the people demanded freedom and the regime responded to them with murder and guns. ”  Dr. Makhoos’ words came in  response to the UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi, in an interview with “Alarabiya” who said that “the main obstacles are the reluctance of the parties in Syria and their ambivalence about the conference; regime refused the participation of the Syrian National Coalition, while the Coalition demanded guarantees from Arab and Gulf nations.”Dr. Makhoos said the Coalition demanded guarantees in order to go to Geneva 2 and these were reiterated by Arab foreign ministers at the”Friends of Syria” conference; the guarantees were to force the regime to implement international resolutions.Brahimi saw that the difficulties placed in front him by the Assad regime and the Coalition “may even undermine the commencement of the conference.” (Source: Coalition + Al Arabiya)