Gabhet al Nassera closes the road between Sere Kany & Konani & prevents passing aid campaigns to Efrin

Tuesday, 09 April 2013 hawarnews – Sere Kany-Gabhet al Nassera which is one of the Syrian armed opposition has prevented passing aid campaigns that were sent by Supreme Kurdish Council to Efrin-kobani`s refugees.

Hawar News Agency correspondent has reported that the Supreme Kurdish Council has sent about 10 trucks full of food-medical equipment-to those refugees in Efrin and Kobani; however Gabhet al Nassera prevented the passing of these trucks by closing the road which links between Sere kany and Kobani.

A source from People Protection Units in Sere Kany has reported for Hawe News Agency that their units are ready for happening any emergency. It worth mentioning that these aid trucks were sent to Efrin – Konani refugees (Sheik Magsood`s people) after the shelling which had been exposed to Sheik Magsood neighborhood in Aleppo by the Syrian regime.