‘From the Amazons to Hasankeyf: Damocracy’ – new documentary / WATCH VIDEO TRAILER

9.1.2013 – A new documentary, out next month, makes the case against huge dam projects, such as the one in north Kurdistan which threatens to destroy the 10,000 year old town of Hansankeyf, one of the oldest continually inhabited places on earth. Film maker Todd Southgate travelled from the deepest corners of the vast Amazon rainforest in Brazil to the mountains and plains of fertile upper Mesopotamia in north Kurdistan/Turkey.

He met academics, lawyers, campaigners and local communities whose livelihoods are threatened by two ‘monster’ dam projects: Belo Monte in Brazil and Ilisu in north Kurdistan. His film supports the ’Damocracy’ campaign which argues: “While large dam projects worldwide are promoted as sources of renewable energy, in reality they cause irreversible damage to nature, people and cultures around the world”.

‘From the Amazons to Hasankeyf: Damocracy’ is billed as “a wake-up call against the impending disappearance of countless cultures, peoples and wildlife nourished by the Tigris and Xingu rivers”. It calls for action “before we lose the lungs of the earth and cradle of civilization due to the greed and short-sightedness of business and governments”.

WATCH VIDEOI ‘Damocracy’ trailer: http://damocracy.org/