For the first time an officer in Asaish reveals a secrets about the assassination of Sardasht Osman

1.5.2013 – One of the brothers the journalist Sardasht Osman reveals accurate and confidential information about the assassination of his brother, and declares that there is a large force behind the assassination of his brother Sardasht.

In the last number of the magazine Lvin one of the brothers Sardasht Osman tells the full story of the kidnapping and murder of his brother.

Hazhar Osman brother of Sardasht Osman was an officer in the Asaish the rank of lieutenant while the disappearance of his brother, and he’s got accurate information, according to him, he says, “at a time when there is an independent judiciary away from the effects of current political power, we can submit the killers of my brother to justice, by clear evidence ” . Sardasht’s brother says “We as a family of Sardasht clearly know who is the killer of my brother , but in the presence of this power can not file a lawsuit against him .”