US says Kurdish issue should not be discussed in Geneva

13.12.2013 – Kurdpress – US former Ambassador Robert Ford has told Syria Pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) representative in Paris that the Kurdish issue should not be discussed in the upcoming Geneva II conference that is planned to find a solution to crisis in Syria.

Ford told Khaled Eysa that “tell your party on our behalf that we do not want the Kurdish issue discussed in Geneva,” PYD foreign Relation chief in Europe, Abdulsalam Mustafa, told Kurdpress in an exclusive interview.Mustafa further added the US, France and Turkey are against discussing Kurdish issue in the conference. The official further reiterated his party will not change its mind and is determined to discuss the Kurdish question and the fate of Syria Kurds in the conference. The report come at a time that there are rifts among Kurdish parties over the way to attend in the conference and Kurdish officials are trying to take a united stance and attend in Geneva under a united line.