Five PKK militants detained in secret French operation

Hurriyet 30.8.2012 – French security forces detained five militants from the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in two covert operations on Aug. 24 and 25, according to reports. The PKK militants were allegedly plotting to murder a Kurdish person of Turkish citizenship living in the Mediterranean city of Marseilles, Kayhan Karaca of broadcaster NTV reported today. French daily Le Monde reported that two separate operations, dubbed “Kurdish showdown” and “PKK finances,” were undertaken against the PKK in secret. The PKK was allegedly planning to kill a Kurdish person because he refused to pay a “revolution tax,” according to Agence France-Presse. The identities of the militants and their target were not revealed by authorities. 

Four of the five detainees were charged with “attempted murder,” “gun possession” and “terrorism.” The PKK has increased its activities in Marseilles recently, with sympathizers unfurling banners and handing out pamphlets on a Marseilles-bound boat on Aug. 19. PKK sympathizers also unfurled posters of the outlawed organization’s captured leader, Abdullah Öcalan, during a UEFA Europa League qualifying game between Turkey’s Eskişehirspor and Marseille on Aug. 9.