FIRAT NEWS : Hewler conference scares some circles / THE ABSENCES DRAW THE ATTENTION

ANF – Hewler/Erbil 12.11.2013 –  The Preparatory Committee of the Kurdish National Conference has once again met in Hewler (Erbil). Members of the committee, who are currently trying to lay the groundwork for the conference to go ahead on November 25th, told reporters “sooner or later this congress will take place. The coming together of the Kurds is scaring certain individuals.” Some Absences on the Committee Draw Attention:

The Preparatory Committee met for the first time in two months yesterday, November 10th, in the  offices of the Presidential Council in the capital of the KRG.  Among other participants were Ahmet Turk, Ronahi Serhat – a member of the KCK Executive Committee, Zeki Şengali, Mülkiye Birtane – a BDP MP and a member of the Congress’ Preparatory Committee, İmam Taşçier – the President of the DDKD, Adem Özcaner and Ömer Baleki – the general coordinators of the AzadÎ (Freedom) Initiative, Nilüfer Koç, and Muhamed Haçi. The absence of certains members of the Preparatory Committee – such as the YNK Politburo member and former president of the KRG’s parliament Adnan Müfti and the KDP Politburo member Pıştewani Sadik, among others – drew some attention.

“There is no Obstacle that Cannot Be Overcome”

Adem Özcaner, both a member of the Preparatory Committee and a General Coordinator for the Azadî Initiative, explained that it was possible that the conference was more delayed owing to technical issues, and to the question “Does a third delay call the congress into question?” responded “These are incidental things. This is the first time that the Kurds have made such a serious attempt at unity. It is not easy to get results from so many international efforts and sometimes there are setbacks. But as of this moment there is a political will to hold the Congress.”

The BDP MP Mülkiye Birtane evaluated the work of the committee and the likelihood that the Congress would take place this month, saying “This in an evaluation meeting. Whether or not the Congress will be held by November 25th is connected to technical issues. We will look at the situation in light of developments.” Although the Congress is planned for the 25th, whether or not it will take place on time is expected to become clearer by the end of the meeting.

“There is No Conflict Between Us”

Hüsamettin Zenderlioğlu, a member of the Preparatory Committee and a BDP MP, affirmed that the congress would take place at some point, saying “The Congress will definitely happen. There is no conflict between us. Perhaps from the perspective of scheduling some obstacles emerged. The local elections that will take place in Southern Kurdistan on November 21st were a subject of discussion. The situation in Rojava is also in view. But these are not obstacles that cannot be overcome…it is as if the coming together of the Kurds is frightening certain people.”