FINGERS ARE POINTED ON PUK / WATCH YOUTUBE VIDEO : The audio conversation between PUK official Mahmoud Sangawi & Kawa Germyani

9-12-2013 – SLÊMANÎ, :  Kawa Germyani, a Kurdish journalist investigating corruption in the autonomous Kurdistan region, was shot dead by unidentified gunmen last Thursday, in Sulaimaniyah province. He was shot in front of his house, and later died at the hospital.

Kawa Germyani published an article about the Kurdish military leader in Patriotic Union of Kurdistan PUK, Mahmoud Sangawi, in July 2012, later on Germyani received a threatening phone call from Sangawi, which been recorded and distributed by Germyani. Germyani also had filed a complaint in the court against the PUK’s Sangawi who had threatened him.

According to local news Germyani clearly feared for his life and asked for protection from American Consulate, but he remained unprotected.

You can listen to the conversation, in Kurdish, between PUK official Mahmoud Sangawi and assassinated Kawa Germyani.