Fethullah Gulen reiterates his support for peace process & Kurdish rights


He further deed Turkey Islamic schools are trying to assimilate the Kurds and stressed the private schools are attempting to boost ties between the Kurds and the Turks.

PUK MEDIA 26.6.2013 – Well-known Turkish scholar Fethullah Gulen has encouraged the broadening of rights and freedoms of people and the improvement of ties with Kurds to restore peace and security in areas long plagued by a simmering conflict that has killed at least 40,000 people.

Gülen reiterated his support for the settlement process, saying that it is impossible to do otherwise

He urged Turkish and Kurdish civil society organizations to work toward a goal to prepare the grounds to mitigate the problems and make efforts to restore unity.

He said it is also very important to act in such a way never to offend people with words and behavior, to be embracing and exercise patience. Everyone should be very careful and act with restraint and not be tricked into provocations. Problems won’t be solved by yelling, screaming or slogans. One needs to settle problems by not yelling, burning, destroying or killing but with wisdom, prudence and compassion, he emphasized.

He spoke on the necessity of economic and social investment in Kurdish regions to increase the level of literacy and education, which are the primary causes of underdevelopment.