Facebook post sends a jurist to jail in South Kurdistan – Iraq

Erbil Investigation Court issued an arrest warrant for a jurist, Shwan Sabir, over a post he has published on his Facebook account. Shawan Sabir, a jurist at the Erbil court, criticized the Kurdistan Judicial Council in the post, stating: “The judicial system is under the control of parties and Kurdistan Judicial Council formation is not legitimate as the council needs to be elected for 4 years through a legal procedure, but the current council members have been appointed by parties over 8 years ago.”

In response, the Kurdistan Judicial council sued the jurist and the Erbil Investigation Court issued an arrest warrant. Yesterday, March 3, 2014, civil society organizations, journalists and human right activists assembled in front of the Erbil Investigation Court House and asked the court to release Shwan Saber. Source: Sbeiy.com