Extremist groups should leave Syria Kurdistan, FSA has gone weak: YPG spokesman

The spokesman of People Defense Units (YPG), the military branch of Syria pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), said his party is not against the existence of radical groups in other parts of Syria but they have to quit the Kurdish regions of the country.

“The YPG forces are defending Kurdish people in Kurdish regions.” Ridur told Kurdpress, reiterating that the Kurdish forces do not care about the activities of the radical groups provided that the groups would not be in Syria Kurdistan.

Ridur told Kurdpress that the YPG forces have the upper hand in Syria Kurdish regions and are controlling all Kurdish districts of the country, stressing that providing arms and ammunition is a big problem for them.

He further denied there are young forces among YPG members and said such an issue is not accepted in the party’s organization.

Ridur further revealed opposition Free Syria Army (FSA), fighting Damascus government, has gone weaker in the last weeks and there is not practically any FSA army in the battle fields.