Extremist group in Syria abducts 25 Kurds

5-12-2013 – Kurdpress – The extremist group of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) abducted on Wednesday 25 Kurds near Kurdish city of Kobani in the north of Syria.

According to reports there are 4 children and 5 women among the abducted people who have been taken to an unknown place. “The ISIL, known as Daesh, has demanded Kurdish visa from the people,” Kurdish media activist Zara Mustu told Kurdpress. The demand is a reaction to a recent interview of pro- Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) Leader Salih Muslim who told AFP that the Kurds have established their own autonomy system in three regions of Efrin, Cezire and Kobani. Mustu said the Daesh forces have stated they have established their own Islamic government in reaction to the decision of the Kurds.