EXCLUSIV : Behind closed doors, Syria Talks without guarantees: pre-Geneva documents

Zaman Alwasl. 25-1-2014 – A week ago before launching Geneva II talks in Montreux, Switzerland over Syrian conflict Zaman Alwasl has published what have been said behind closed doors between the International community officials and Syria’s key opposition. A document issued on November 26, 2013 by the National Coalition revealed that the former U.S. Ambassador to Damascus Mr. Robert Ford had told the NC officials that Geneva II will be without pre-conditions or guarantees. The American diplomat said that some of the Alawite officers in the regular army, “are looking for gains regarding to the high loss for their sect (when Bashar al-Assad will be ousted),’’ as well some of the regime figures who may stay according to the document which has obtained by Zaman Alwasl.

Ford assured to the west backed opposition that the Russian President Vladimir Putin is the first Russian official regarding the Syrian case, not the Foreign Ministry in hint to Sergei Lavrov.

The Scheduled peace conference, in essence, is a media presence for Syrian opposition, according to Ford, to show that Syrian revolution is not represented by the radical Islamists, where both sides, opposition and the regime, can sit together as equals.’’A prominent opposition figure said that Ford told Some NC members, ”What the Syrian parties will agree on in Geneva will be achieved,” adding, each party has the right to veto on any discussion or subject. In relevant context, Syrian Deputy Chairman of the National Coalition said in a report was sent to some opposition figures and obtained by Zaman Alwasl that French president Francois Hollande told key Syrian opposition “not to go to Geneva if there is no ending for Bashar al-Assad’s rule,”

Mohammad Farouk Tayfour, NC second man and deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria revealed that France “would like to order an air strike , but NATO did not agree on the approval , especially in the Brussels meeting with the participation of Saudi Arabia and the UAE.” http://www.zamanalwsl.net/en/news/3398.html