EU – Swoboda asks Erdogan to recognize the Kurdish demands …

By Roni Alasor and Lorin Sarkisian – Brussels, 7 November 2012 – Ararat News (ANP) The president of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, Hannes Swoboda, today expressed serious concerns about the 654 Kurdish prisoners who have now been on hunger strike for 57 days. He called on the Turkish prime minister to show more flexibility on this humanitarian issue.

In a press release, the Socialist President of the second largest political Group in the European Parliament (EP), Swoboda, called on Turkey to “show more sensibility” and to recognize “the justified Kurdish demands”. Turkey’s indifference to the Kurdish demands could create problems for EU-Turkish relations,” warned Hannes Swoboda.

“According to the report from the Turkish Medical Association (TTB), the health of the strikers is seriously deteriorating day by day. We invite the Turkish prime minister to show more sensibility on this human issue, especially for those who have demonstrated their political opposition in a peaceful way”.

Swoboda underlined that the Socialist Group believes that “recognition of the justified Kurdish demands by the Turkish authorities could be constructive in the efforts to calm the situation. It could also help open democratic dialogue to end the violence, isolate PKK and to find political solutions to the Kurdish problem”.