EU Parliament President Schulz on the situation of hunger strikers in Turkey : LETTER TO ERDOGAN

Brussels – 13 November 2012 –  The President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz has written a letter to Turkey Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin expressing his concern for the critical conditions of hunger strikers in Turkish prisons. President Schulz stated:

“I follow with concern the hunger strike of jailed Kurdish prisoners, among them elected officials, and of Members of Parliament in Turkey. My immediate concern is for the health of those undertaking this desperate non-violent action. I am confident that Turkish authorities are doing their utmost to provide the best medical assistance to all the inmates and protesters.

I call on hunger strikers to put an end to an action which is putting their life in peril and to revert to political dialogue as a way to advance their requests.

I call on the Turkish authorities to address the concerns of the protesters. In this respect, I welcome the government’s proposed legislation amending the Code of Criminal Procedure to allow the use of mother tongue during courts proceeding. I hope this will be implemented swiftly and fully.”

For further information: Armin Machmer –  Spokesperson

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